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    Smart alarm clock Bluetooth speaker

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    Smart alarm clock Bluetooth speaker

    Multifunctional portable smart digital alarm clock, excellent overall performance: cool style, small size, great sound quality, bright lights, sensitive sensing and long battery life. It can also replace Bluetooth speakers and radios. It is a good gift for girls and boys.

    8 out of 20

    Never say no to being late

    Dual alarm clocks can be set to wake you up better and remind you of important times and days. One for you and one for your family. It allows you to set the weekday mode, which beeps only from Monday to Friday, fully guaranteeing your free time on weekends.

    11 out of 20

    Easily wake up the LED screen in the dark

    The built-in sensitive sensor can detect the movement of objects within 5 meters and changes in ambient light. In the dark night, you can wake up the LED screen with a slight swipe of your hand, determine the position of the alarm clock and easily see the time at night.

    18 out of 20

    Improve sleep quality

    Humanized ringtone mode, ringtone volume from low to high, from soft to fast. It will not be noisy at first and you will not be woken up by a sudden loud bell, which improves your sleep quality and allows you to "wake up naturally". every day.

    20 out of 20

    Easy to use for children and the elderly

    Children's daily life and their learning partners help children develop a good habit of time management. With absolutely concise and clear indicators, basic curved digital clocks are simple and easy to use. Great gift for kids, families, children, seniors and teenagers.

    17 out of 20

    Refuse to be monotonous and boring

    An alarm clock is also a Bluetooth speaker, cool spherical design, exquisite and small (3.5"x3.5"x3.5"), excellent sound quality, colorful lights, sensitive sensing and long battery life .Make it a good decoration for bedroom and bathroom.

    16 out of 20


    • Type: Bluetooth speaker
    • Connection method: Bluetooth connection
    • Interface type: USB
    • Battery capacity: 2500 mA
    • Frequency response range: 60 Hz-15 KHz
    • Output power: 5w
    • Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥75dB
    • Power supply mode: built-in lithium battery
    • Channel: 2.1
    • Playing time: 8 hours
    • Expansion storage: 32 GB
    • Bluetooth protocol: 5.0
    • Number of speakers: 2
    • Effective distance: 10 meters
    • Function: insert card, radio, voice prompt, call function.
    • Operating mode: button
    • Applicable people: general
    • Display: Yes
    • Playback format: MP3
    • Shell material: plastic
    • Supported format: TF card.
    • Speaker adjustment method: button
    • Box material: plastic
    • Appearance size: 8.5cm*8.5cm
    • Power supply mode: USB
    • Color: English headlight pink, English headlight black, English headlight white

    Package Contents:

    • Speaker *1
    • Charging cable*1
    • Manual *1